Scary-Thin Australian Miss Universe Contestant Makes Poor Case for Skinny People on Good Morning America


The world's obsession with disordered eating is back, thanks to Australian Miss Universe contestant Stephanie Naumoska, whose super-skinny appearance in a swimsuit alarmed the world last week. Stephanie, who is only 19, told Diane Sawyer she has a healthy, active lifestyle and knows she's not malnourished because she feels energetic and her hair and skin are healthy. She said she went on Good Morning America to defend all the skinny people of the world who get criticized for being thin. "I don’t think it’s fair, because there are people out there who are naturally skinny and naturally slim like myself, and I don’t think its fair that I was judged by the whole entire world based on a photo and my appearance," Stephanie said. "I think that a role model shouldn’t be judged by their appearance but by their actions or their lifestyle.” It's not fair for so much attention to be placed on any 19-year-old girl. Being 19 is hard enough without the world staring at a photo of you in a swimsuit. But also, if Stephanie didn't want to be judged on her appearance, why did she enter a beauty pageant? And why is she a model? Surely she could have made a better case for herself and the skinnies she's trying to save. In the meantime, this video has made us ravenously hungry, so we're going to go find some carbs to ingest.

Beauty Queen Defends Her Weight [GMA]