World’s Most Expensive Suit Made From Camel Relative, Arctic Muskox, Some Gold

Isn't it dapper?

The world's most expensive suit will be unveiled at a party in London tonight. Designed by Alexander Amosu, the suit costs $103,000. So it's perfectly sensible for Amosu to arrange for extra security to accompany the suit to the party, where it will be transported in an armored Range Rover. Amosu is also launching his new luxury line for men and women, with prices starting at $7,300 and topping out at $103,000 for the suit. The illustrious ensemble is a blend of vicuña, a rare wild South American animal related to the camel which only produces enough wool for shearing every three years; qiviuk, the world's most expensive wool, which comes from the arctic muskox; and pashmina. They call this blend "Vanquish II." Since no six-figure item of apparel is complete without shiny embellishments, the suit is finished with nine eighteen-carat gold and pavé-set diamond buttons. The designer is, obviously, untroubled by the economic climate. "We might not be catering to everyone," Amosu concedes. "But the people who buy Alexander Amosu want to wear the very best suits in the world." We can think of only one person foolish enough to purchase such an item: Real Housewife of New York Jill Zarin, who spent $16,000 on a bag that looked to be made of red cardboard and thought it was an understated way to celebrate her birthday.

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