You Do NOT Want to Get Caught Selling Counterfeit Bags in Taiwan


Taiwan's Intellectual Property Court isn't even a year old, but already they've succeeded in awarding the largest fine ever in a trademark-infringement case. A woman who allegedly sold four fake Birkin bags has been fined $7.5 million. Defendant Joyce Lee worked for Hermès from 1998 to 2000 and would fly to Paris to buy Birkins for her customers. But then she allegedly passed off four fake bags as real bags and charged her customers more for them than the real ones actually cost. So she must be a pretty impressive saleswoman, since real Birkins start at around $7,500. But dear God, $7.5 million is a scary amount of cash. You could buy a 5,000-square-foot four-bedroom townhouse in Chelsea for that price. Or 657 of those Balmain jackets.

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