Adam Lambert: Fashion Trailblazer


According to WWD, an increasing number of men are shopping unabashedly in ladies' departments. Mostly because they can't find pants made for men that are tight enough. Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute argues Hedi Slimane sparked the tight-pants movement by promoting the slimmer body type. “It’s this idea of the heroin-chic body — very thin and pale and underfed. That’s a very hipster look at the moment and exacerbated by wearing women’s clothes, which are tighter.” You know, the look favored by rock stars. But men in very-tight pants have been around for a few years now. Bystanders probably wouldn't bat an eye if they saw a dude on the subway in jeggings. So is it not time for the trend to evolve? For there exists a rock star ripe to pioneer the next wave of tightly clothed men: Adam Lambert

Lambert has pranced around on American Idol in tight pants ranging in materials from acid wash to distressed leather, embellished to plain. He pairs these with equally tight tops and eye-catching extras like handcuffs on his belt loops, cages on his shoulders, and platform boots. He is the male version of Lady Gaga. “Just as now Lady GaGa is bringing back real glam rock for women, Adam is opening that door up for men," Barneys' Simon Doonan tells WWD. "You can wear the python boots and the shiny jacket.” And the fingerless gloves, and the black nail polish, and the deep V-neck shirts, and the pants that may or may not connect to your boots. It is time. The years of tight pants have primed the general populace. Now, men, it's time to go all out. And maybe put some meat on those bones.

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