Akon to Launch Two Fragrances This Fall


There's something about hip-hop stars and fragrances. Jay-Z and Kanye West are developing scent deals and Diddy and 50 Cent already have perfumes. And now Akon joins the smelly gang with the announcement that he will launch two of his own this fall. The first, Konvict, is named after his 2006 album Konvicted and is for younger consumers, while the other is named after his real first name, Aliaune, and is for an older demographic. He'll also take it one step further by producing the fragrances with his own cosmetics company — because, yes, he has one — Konvict Cosmetics Intl. Perhaps this trend of hip-hoppers turned beauty buffs signifies a cultural shift, and getting a fragrance deal is the new way to prove street cred. Because smelling good is just so tough.

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