Anna Wintour Not Afraid to Tell Her Staff to Hit the Gym

That's a gun under her left hand.

One of the most astounding moments in the 60 Minutes outtakes of Morley Safer's piece on Anna Wintour was when she describes the people she saw on a trip to Minnesota as "little houses." Apparently The September Issue, which documents the creation of the September 2007 issue of Vogue, has similarly amusing footage, according to Fashion Week Daily's detailed synopsis of the film. One of creative director Grace Coddington's spreads is killed, and she decides to use the documentary's cameraman in the reshoot:

The result: an image of the cameraman, jumping with his camera, and Caroline Trentini, jumping in front of the camera. Anna like [sic] it, but points out the cameraman's paunch. "It needs a little bit of retouching," she says. "You need to go to the gym!" Grace is indignant. "Everybody isn't perfect in this world," she says after Anna has left the room. "It's enough that the models are perfect. You don't need to go to the gym."

Anna has also let her right-hand man André Leon Talley know he is no stick figure.

Cut to André Leon Talley, getting out of a car with a Louis Vuitton towel slung around his neck, a Louis Vuitton tennis racquet case in one hand, and a Louis Vuitton gym bag in another. He hits a few balls with an instructor. "Ms. Wintour inaugurated me into health," he says. "She saved my life I guess, in the long term. I was intervened about three years ago to lose weight. Naturally, what Ms. Wintour says goes, so I took up tennis."

So she forced André Leon Talley into tennis — one of her favorite sports! Man, the image of André playing tennis with all his Louis stuff has us in fits already. We can't wait for this to come out in theaters in September. Until which time we will consume only air and Diet Coke.

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