Betsey Johnson Wants to Do a Diffusion Line


Betsey Johnson not only loves volume in her tulle skirts, she loves sales volume, too, and wishes someone would approach her to do a diffusion line. “Hello! I’m ready. You know, QVC, HSN, whatever it’s called, yeah, I am ready for that,” Johnson told us at the DKMS gala last night. “I love volume, and as long as it can be fun and really me, I think it would work now,” she added. Johnson is a fan of H&M, Target, and Topshop. “They’ve proven that good design is good design. Affordable design is fun, they’re on the trends, they’re on the looks, they’re on the cuts. They’ve got it down, and hey, it’s teaching us — well, I’m not expensive — but it’s just a new awakening so it can be good and affordable at the same time, and last. You know, it’s the good side of the bad side of the depression.”

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