Can Sheets Make You Look Younger?


Bedding brands like Hollandia, Skin Glow, and NaturaWorld aren't content with getting you a good night's sleep. No, they must improve your skin and hair too! Forget environmental factors, genetics, lifestyle, and the expensive potions you already use. Your face and tresses will be healthier, they claim, if you sleep on their sheets and pillows. The bedding is infused with amino acids, essential oils, and aloe vera for overnight conditioning, and stores like Bed Bath & Beyond stock them. We've all wondered if they worked. So we had to do a test-drive and see for ourselves. When the Skin Glow pillowcase — which has copper-oxide-plated fibers that kill bacteria and other grossness, thus giving you fewer wrinkles (who knew?) — arrived, it was taken home and slept on repeatedly. The hospital-esque peach-colored case didn't match our existing bed set and felt a bit stiff. And despite the countless hours we used it, our mug looked exactly the same. Shocking. Now, go get a nice cotton set with a lovely thread count.