Chanel Resort Video Preview: Lara Stone Preens, Tries on Clothes


It's cruise season! And this Thursday Chanel's 2010 cruise collection show takes place. Last year Karl Lagerfeld made the fashion flock sweat it out in Miami to watch Chanel's 2009 cruise spectacular featuring synchronized swimmers and models teetering around a pool in gun-heeled shoes. For this year's show, he's making Anna Wintour et al. fly to Venice, where they'll have to ride around in boats with the added nuisance of making sure they don't sit in a wet spot and wind up in front of cameras with wet butts. Ever on the cutting edge, Karl and Chanel are blogging and vlogging to hype the show. One post reveals Karl chose Venice for the show because Coco Chanel fell in love with the city when she first visited it in 1919. Lions could be a motif, as they are a symbol of the city. Born on August 19, and therefore a Leo, Coco also loved lions and surrounded herself with all kinds of lion figurines. But the best preview of the collection is a five-minute short called "Fitting Room Follies," in which Lara Stone tries on clothes and canoodles with a male model while Karl — behind the camera — tells her what to do. "And then you turn to me. And laugh... Play with the tie. You even can sit down." The magical black-and-white footage is somber enough for the times, but the collective blog effort is enough to remind us Chanel still has lots of money and will spend it.

Chanel Teases Venice Cruise Collection; Karl Lagerfeld Directs Short Film with Lara Stone [Fashionologie]