Chanel Cruise Show Worse Threat to Cannes Than the Economy?

Karl for the win!

This is not a good year for the usually ritzy glitzy Cannes Film Festival. Major fashion companies like Fendi and Louis Vuitton have pulled sponsorships, parties have been downsized, and those with money are keeping away, for fear of thoughtlessly flaunting it and looking douchey — all havoc wreaked by this economy. But the Chanel cruise show poses perhaps a worse threat than the dismal fiscal state of the world. Because the most important part of any of these events is not the art they celebrate, but the celebrities who go there to have their pictures taken, obviously. Chanel's show takes place today in Venice, and some celebrities are choosing to go there instead of Cannes. Actresses Olivia Magnani, Rinko Kikuchi, and Chanel ambassadress Anna Mouglalis are expected to attend the fashion show instead of the film festival. Other luminaries will no doubt be in the audience. Photos of this year's show are yet to trickle in, but last year's cruise show attendees included Diane Kruger, Anna Kournikova, and Anna Wintour, natch. It makes sense for celebrities to choose the Chanel fashion show over the film festival. First, because Karl's there. Second, because they can be wealthy there and no one will care. Chanel's not shy about spending a crap-load of money on the fashion show, so they don't need to be shy about spending crap-loads of money on themselves.

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