Dear Alexa Chung, May We Buy You a Drink?

We'll forgive her the bag. This time.

We were skeptical of Alexa Chung's appeal when it was announced she'd move from London to New York to host MTV's Total Request Live replacement show. But just why Brits are so mad for the style icon became clearer after reading today's profile of the former model in WWD. Rarely do we say this about famous people profiled in trade papers, but we feel like we can identify with Chung. First, because she's skeptical. Second, she has a dirty mouth. Third, it really seems like she doesn't try too hard when it comes to her outward appearance. She'll wear what she'd normally wear (she calls it her “I don’t give a s--t” style) while hosting, which will make the show worth watching even if you don't care about her guests. So — minus the TV hosting job — she's just like us! But let her tell you:

She knows hosting a TV show isn't rocket science.

“Presenting isn’t hard. You’re basically reading cards. I mean, how f---ing difficult is that?”

Yet, she can be insecure.

“The hard bit is getting over knowing that lots of people are watching you, and you, your personality, not your looks, not your talent for math or something, [is what] they’re judging ... I’d rather someone go ‘Ah, she’s really funny’ than ‘Ah, she’s really foxy.’”

She did not kowtow to MTV producers in her first meeting with them.

“I told them I’d have opinions about things.”

She foresees an excellent use of the online component that encourages viewers to comment via Facebook and Twitter.

“You can contact the show and tell us directly we are s--t.”

She understands kids these days.

“I think the mistake a lot of TV channels make is that they assume kids are dumb when they’re not. Middle-aged fat men [shouldn’t] tell young people [what] to watch when they have no idea.”

She and Kelly Bensimon might have nothing in common.

“I would never do [reality TV]. It’s 24-7 [of] making things up, making you refilm it. [With my show] it’s one hour of me, in control the whole time.”

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