Dior Jumps on the Viral-Video Bandwagon


High-fashion labels are catching onto the Internet at a breakneck pace. Just days ago Chanel released a short film online only called Fitting Room Follies to hype their cruise show, which takes place in Venice today. Not to be outdone, the house of Dior will release a short film on May 20, directed by Oliver Dahan and starring the ever-lovely Marion Cotillard. The six-and-a-half-minute film shall include artistic shots of stockings, Lady Dior handbags, clothes by John Galliano, the Eiffel Tower, and gangsters. In other words, it'll be Frencher than Serge Gainsbourg and Jerry Lewis making jokes over cigarettes and butter together. Karl Lagerfeld provided clinical, yet intriguing, voice-over to Chanel's film, but there's no word of Galliano making a cameo in Dior's. Karl may be nearly impossible to compete with, even in voice-over form, but that doesn't mean Chanel has Dior beat. Because Dior's film has big-screen quality production values that reflect the expensive refined taste of the Dior woman. See? It's already working on us! Click through for the trailer and allow yourself to succumb.

Dior gets viral with The Lady Noire Affair [My Fashion Life]