Expect Two More Manhattan Topshops Once Sir Philip Finds Space

Sir Philip Green.

Topshop owner Sir Philip Green is intent on having three Topshops in Manhattan. But first he just needs two more spaces of approximately 50,000 square feet. He's personally hunting for them in high-traffic places like Fifth Avenue, 34th Street, Lexington near Bloomingdale's, Times Square, the meatpacking district, and the Upper East and Upper West Sides, according to the Observer. Oh ... joy? The city might not share Sir Philip's longing for two more Topshops. The Observer notes:

[I]f Topshop really wants to take on H&M, might we suggest lowering the prices? More than $100 for a simple blue blazer? Really?

Our feelings about the Soho store are mixed, and that's possibly due to the hype going into it. How could anything live up to that level of anticipation? But also, some days the store has a fantastic selection of merchandise, while on other days they'll have a hodgepodge of things you never should have worn in middle school at prices that are more exorbitant than Abercrombie's. Such is the nature of fast fashion. What say you? Do you want more Topshops uptown? The thought of two more massive openings is already stressing us out.

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