Gossip Girl Visits the Eighties; Tim Gunn Impressed by D.C. Style

Brittany Snow as Lily from the eighties! With Krysten Ritter as Carol.

• In what sounds like an amazing flashback scene, tonight's Gossip Girl shows Lily van der Woodsen from the eighties: "Scouring through her older sister’s locker, Lily tries on every type of Eighties outfit imaginable — an Olivia Newton-John 'Physical' getup, a hard-edged Pat Benatar ensemble and Madonna’s classic combo of a belly shirt and suspenders — before finally settling into a strong-shouldered jacket, tiered dress and electric pink Givenchy heels." This is also a mini-preview of the Gossip Girl spinoff about young Lily and Rufus. It's too much already. [WWD]

• Tim Gunn credits the Obamas with improving fashion sensibilities on Capitol Hill. “There’s been a fashion epiphany in Washington,” he said. “It’s light years beyond what I saw here [two years ago], which made me want to run and scream.” [WWD]

• Lady Gaga and Beyoncé eschew pants. But! Victoria Beckham went pantsless first. [NYDN]

• Speaking of pants, Holy mother of God, saggy skinny jeans are not okay. [Jezebel]

• Blind item: "Which fashion designer was caught doing a Winona at the London Marc Jacobs store? She had to be called up and ordered to return the stock to keep it all hush-hush." [Blind Gossip]