Janice Dickinson Downs Booze, Sleeping Aids on Finland’s Next Top Model, Makes Quite the Scene


Janice Dickinson was a guest judge on Finland's Next Top Model last week. She downs a glass of wine at dinner in seconds, then terrorizes the girls after falling down the stairs. Lying on the floor with the girls standing over her, she yells, "Do something, you stupid models! Call a fucking ambulance! You're so stupid! Call a fucking ambulance!" The ambulance arrives, Janice insists on going to the hospital even though she has no visible injuries, demands special treatment because she is a "sex symbol," is denied special treatment, and returns to the girls. She tells them she had some Champagne before she met them and took some "sleeping aids" which she mistook for vitamin C tablets. Jezebel has a clip. Janice has our hearts. [Jezebel]