Star Trek Actors Shaved Eyebrows; Lawsuit Filed After Bad Bleach Job

Karlie Kloss for Marc Jacobs's Lola.

Star Trek–movie makeup artist Mindy Hall: "We shaved off a lot of eyebrows, and for anyone who was concerned, I offered to shave my eyebrows, too. No one took me up on it! Don't ask someone to do something you would not
do yourself." [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

• An Oregon woman sued her salon, Rumi Simone, Inc., for a bad dye job. She claims her hair broke off, leaving only an inch of length, after a stylist at the salon bleached it. The jury concluded the salon was not at fault. [Jezebel]

• Here is a full list of winners from the annual Cosmetic Executives Women beauty awards. They include Giorgio Armani foundation, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, and Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers fragrances. [Cosmetic Executives Women]

Marc Jacobs is following up his incredibly successful Daisy fragrance with one called Lola, an older, "vampy" version. Karlie Kloss stars in the campaign. It will launch this fall, and will hit Bloomingdale's exclusively for the month of August. [WWD]

• Pastel nail colors are in. But beware: They don’t look great on everyone. [Beauty Department/Glamour]