More Decisions in L'Oréal Case Against eBay; Halle Berry Returns to the Pixie

Halle Berry.

• The United Kingdom High Court made another ruling on Friday regarding the case of L'Oréal against eBay, this time saying the website is not responsible jointly with sellers of counterfeit products. On May 13, the court ruled that eBay alone was not responsible for selling products that infringed on trademark rights because the company had done everything they could to prevent such transactions. [WWD]

• Halle Berry chopped all her hair off, returning to the pixie shape she had years ago. Watch out, Posh. [Off the Rack/People]

• "I'm washing my hair" used to be a line for turning down invitations. Now, one writer says her friend tells people she can't go out because it's her "fake-tanning night." [Independent UK]

• Jeweler Judith Ripka teamed with Essie nail polishes to create three colors inspired by jewelry: Put a Ripka Ring on It (pink), Heart My JR Jewels (burgundy), and Queen of Hearts (red). [Fashionista]

• Bergdorf Goodman is stocking a new line of fragrances from France named Honoré des Prés, which features organic scents created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. [Blogdorf Goodman]