L’Oréal’s Resourceful Use of Cow Paddies; Glittery Man Makeup Is In

Man makeup.

• The L'Oréal factory in Libramont, Belgium, is reportedly trying to decrease 50 percent of carbon emissions by 2015. So they're installing a system that will generate electricity by capturing methane from the waste of cows on a nearby farm. Basically, the factory will run on cow poop. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

Louis Vuitton's studio director Paul Helbers created a guide to menswear for 10 Men magazine. In it, male models wear glitter makeup in pink, blue, green, and silver. Glitter for all! [Pipeline/Refinery 29]

• The Cassette Society showed "disco brows" at Australian Fashion Week, fashioned by gluing two rows of beads over the models' eyebrows. Like we always say, when you don't have a disco ball handy, turn your face into one. [PSFK]

• Sephora isn't carrying Vincent Longo products anymore. Tears. [Living in Narnia via Racked]

• Model Raquel Zimmermann is now a blonde. We blame summer. [Pipeline/Refinery 29]