Michelle Obama’s Makeup Artist Shares the First Lady’s Eyebrows

Michelle Obama and Ingrid Grimes-Miles

You may not know the name Ingrid Grimes-Miles, but you know her work: She's Michelle Obama's full-time makeup artist. As part of MObama's treasured inner circle and traveling entourage, she keeps Michelle's look happily maintained at every public outing. But there is one thing that Grimes-Miles is most famous for — revamping the First Lady's eyebrows from pointed-down and angry-looking to softer, rounder lines, a transformation that took place during the campaign season. So when the makeup artist was honored as a presenter at the Cosmetic Executive Women Annual Beauty Awards celebration recently, we finally had a chance to see the behind-the-scenes expert come into the spotlight. And what do you notice about the two ladies? Their makeup is almost identical, and the shape of Grimes-Miles's brow line — the most famous part of Michelle Obama's look — is exactly the same. Now, this is why makeup artists are called artists, because they can paint faces to make them look exactly how they want. See below for the zoomed-in shot.