Billy Reid Hosts Vintage Pop-up Shop Starting Tomorrow


You're toiling away in the publishing world when, as happens these days, the magazine you're working for folds. Now what? Former Men's Vogue editor-at-large Ned Martel decided to go on a road trip. But this wasn't a mere cross-country excursion; Martel was on a treasure hunt. He, along with his business partner Jay Carroll, drove around the desert southwest searching for vintage apparel, books, antiques, and anything that caught their fancy, including scorpion lollipops. The fruits of their ten-week trek are up for purchase at One Trip Pass, a pop-up shop at Billy Reid. The shop, which opens tomorrow and runs until May 26, is set up to evoke thrift stores, but also gives you a glimpse into the dusty roads off I-10. And lest you think the wares are the same as what you'll find in your neighborhood Goodwill, the goods here were highly curated. "We kept saying things need to speak to us on three levels: that it fit our High Desert theme; that it had been around since the seventies or early eighties; and that it showed a little wear and tear — any signs that its owner or owners really loved it," Martell says. Where else will you find such a mix of comic books, oversize belt buckles, worn-in cowboy boots, tees, and vintage movie posters? Prices vary between $20 and $300, with the majority of items well below $100. Here's a sneak preview.

Billy Reid, 54 Bond St., nr. Bowery; 212-598-9355.