Whistle & Flute’s Yoon Chang Loves Menswear for Women


Fashion mags — and, yes, okay, blogs — often overlook younger designers in favor of splashier, larger names. After all, Karl Lagerfeld's newest model crush or McQueen’s latest collaborations are just so enthralling. But what of these brave new designers, the unsung talent? Today's toiling label could be tomorrow's Jason Wu. In our latest series, we're meeting the designers who are quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) working away on collections and lines that you might be wearing soon. This week, we bring you Whistle & Flute, a fairly young brand (born in 2007) that takes its name from cockney rhyming slang. The line, headed up by Yoon Chang and her merchandising director, Je-Won Hwang, is heavy on menswear-inspired clothes for women. "Our silhouette may look simple at times, but when you get up close and see a twist here, a subtle cut or special stitching, that is what makes the garment special," Chang explains. These details are the cornerstone of menswear — simplicity with great tailoring. So why not just make clothes for the lads? "I would love to do menswear — it just seems like the natural thing to do! But we really need to focus on our womenswear line and design what we believe is beautiful, intelligent clothing." The line, which sells at Scoop, Castor & Pollux, and Saks.com, is also featured on fashion-networking site FadMashion.com, and we've become fans of its well-constructed pieces, folds, and draping. The color palette echoes the ethos of simplicity, making the clothes supremely wearable. Sure, they may be based on menswear, but these outfits are all girl. Check out a sampling of items from the spring and fall collections.