Only Fendi Would Want to Put Fur on a Bicycle


In a move that proves any object can become high fashion with a little bit of tweaking, Fendi released a new bicycle named the Fendi Abici Amante Donna (designer Karl Lagerfeld also launched one by Chanel last year). It comes in two different versions, both available at the Fifth Avenue flagship. The first is covered with leather accessories like a GPS holder and detachable bike bag and costs $5,900. The second boasts a heftier price tag of $9,500, owing to the removable fur saddlebags on the rear tire. Fur on a bike is hardly logical, but in high-fashion sports, there are no limits. Let's just hope the tiny leather-covered lock that comes with the bike is enough to fend off thieves, because this thing is bound to get stolen if left on the street for more than five seconds. [WWD]