Paris Court Sides With eBay in L’Oréal Case; Shawn Johnson’s Glitter Skin

Shawn, without the glitter.

• The Paris High Court ruled that eBay was not responsible for the selling of counterfeit L'Oréal goods on the website. The beauty company was asking for $4.8 million, which it obviously didn't get. [WWD]

• Lancôme makeup artist Darais is known for giving his celebrity clients "plastic cheeks," which is a way to fake prominent cheekbones using makeup. So if you want shiny cheeks, try this four-step process. [The Lancome Blog]

• Gymnast Shawn Johnson has to take two or three showers after each competition to get all the body shimmer and sparkles off her hair and skin. But does she have spirit fingers? [Teen Vogue]

• Clinique's new line of sun skin-care items includes an SPF 30 Face Cream, which one tester says goes on without feeling greasy. [Beauty in Real Life]

• If you think wearing a ponytail is boring, try a modified version. [Glamour]