Patti Smith Manages to Wow Us With Her Fashion Nonchalance

Is that ... custom?

Rocker and artist Patti Smith may appear to have a deceptively simple style of dressing, but she pulls from a very sophisticated palate. “These are Ralph Lauren dungarees; I wear Wranglers, but I like Ralph Lauren, he makes nice pants,” Smith told us at Cartier’s celebration of 100 years in America. “And I just mix things up,” she added, gesturing at her jacket. “My friend Ann Demeulemeester makes most of my clothing. I like her clothing, and it suits me.” “I like what I like,” she said with a shrug as we stared, dumfounded.

Smith says she’s always had an eye for style. “I’ve been wearing the same clothing, the same look and everything for 40 years,” she said. “I like high fashion, it’s art. I could go in a thrift store when I was 17 and find a Balenciaga coat,” Smith explained. “But, you know, I don’t require fashion; I can wear rags. But they have to be cool rags.”

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