Susan Boyle on Oprah: Still Frumpy and Happy


Britain's Got Talent YouTube sensation Susan Boyle went on Oprah yesterday. Simon Cowell was there, too, only he was actually with Oprah while Boyle spoke to them via satellite from Blackburn. (Aside: Can't someone actually fly this woman somewhere so she can speak from the studio instead of her house? Does her doily-on-the-back-of-the-rocking-chair appeal boost ratings? Is American television collectively too cheap to spring for the travel costs?) Of course, Oprah asked Boyle if she wants a makeover. She didn't give a "yes" or "no" answer but said her best friend helps her with her makeup. When Oprah asked about her new hairdo, Boyle replied, "That was just to tidy myself up a bit, like any other female would have done." Cowell and the audience chuckled throughout Oprah's interview as if they found Boyle's steadfast satellite-transmitted frumpiness totally adorable. It's reminiscent of her first interviews on American television, when morning show hosts like Diane Sawyer spoke to her like she was a two-year-old.