The Wearable Towel: Summer’s Snuggie?


If we're wearing blankets with sleeves in the winter, we may as well wear towels in the warmer months. And alas, the summer Snuggie has arrived: the Wearable Towel. It looks like an ordinary towel, but it has holes on the edges for you to stick your arms through so you can wear it — like a shift dress! Or, if you're a dude, a toga! Dealing with a tucked-in corner coming undone on an unwearable towel is just too much trouble when you're grilling turkey burgers by the pool or washing your baby in a pot in the kitchen. Or when you get out of the shower and are so in need of the newspaper that very instant that you don't have time to throw on clothes to go outside to get it. Allow the infomercial to enlighten you.

Wearable Towel: The Towel With Arm Openings