Video: Lady Gaga Now Exploring the World of Absurd, Fabulous Hats


While stars like Ciara and Ginnifer Goodwin are making their first forays into pantslessness and enjoying the inherent fame boost, Lady Gaga has found a completely different fashion statement to help keep her star on its upward trajectory: absurd hats. She wore an "Orbit" hat on Ellen yesterday. It consisted of circular wires suspended around her head that rotated as she moved. Like high-fashion headgear. Or a solar system without the planets. It's by milliner Nasir Mazhar, who also designed the reindeer hat Agyness Deyn wore in the fall 2008 House of Holland show. Gaga continues to fabulously outdo herself. We just hope she doesn't hurt herself one of these days.

Gaga Over Nasir Mazhar [Fashionista]