Vote for Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List


Vanity Fair is making use of this newfangled thing called the Internet and inviting you, the general populace, to vote for its annual best-dressed list. We have a hunch Michelle Obama will headline this year's list, like she did last year along with Carla Bruni. Only this time, now that Obama's been elected, the media can make a much bigger fuss over their fashion face-off. Unless Vanity Fair doesn't want to be too obvious and leaves Carla and Michelle off, in which case everyone might hate Vanity Fair. Other ladies you might want to vote for include Carine Roitfeld and Aretha Franklin. Or you can nominate someone they left off. We're filling in Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Rihanna just for the hell of it. You can also vote for men (Kanye for the win!). [Vanity Fair]