We Love ... Deborah Marquit


For 25 years, Deborah Marquit has been quietly and consistently making some of the world’s coolest lingerie. Her use of unorthodox fabrics (vinyl or camouflage print in cotton twill) and specially dyed colors unite with a masterful fit to create bras and underwear that are unrivaled. And so, we present five reasons we can't go without her unmentionables.

1. The neon colors are spectacular.
2. The comfort is undeniable — and who doesn't love that?
3. Everything is handmade in her studio.
4. Madonna is a huge fan.
5. Her boutique is tiny, quirky, and so New York.

Prices are between $100 and $165. Deborah Marquit, 158 W 15th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-478-3092.