We Love ... Philippe Audibert


For twenty years, French designer Philippe Audibert has been making glamorous and gutsy costume jewelry. Specially cut Swarovski crystals place his aesthetic firmly in the eighties, but his chain-mail technique adds a subversive edge that cuts through all the sparkle, making the pieces seem cool and not clichéd. Here, five reasons why we love him.

1. His jewelry adds instant snap to any basic piece of clothing.
2. Multiple pieces worn together make evening looks more dramatic.
3. He has that goth feel we all want a bit of now.
4. The bracelets and gloves are made on stretchy elastic — surprisingly comfortable.
5. It's a bracelet moment and his are the best.

Silver bracelet $150 to $450; Crystal Bracelet $250 to $900; Glove, $1,050; available at
Henri Bendel, Scoop, and Bloomingdale's.