What’s That Smell? Fishy Handbag Art in Amsterdam


If there being an entire museum in Amsterdam dedicated to the art of handbags weren't enough, perhaps this wonderful evening satchel by Evelyn Van Oosterhout currently on display in the "Beastie Bags" exhibition will put you in a state of shock. Yes, yes — there's nothing so unusual about fabricating accessories out of former animals (croc-skin gloves anyone?). But a purse fashioned out of a taxidermied catch of the day — well that just raises all kinds of hackles, by confronting wearer and observer alike with the sometimes not-so-humane cost of fashion. Downer, huh? Still, Oosterhout is quite the craftie, making bags out of fur, flypaper, and other less-familiar materials — examples of which are on display at the Tassenmuseum and available for purchase. They're conversation starters (or enders), to be sure, but exactly what kind of shoes does one wear with a marine handbag? Manatee skin? We're open to suggestions here.

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