Amy Winehouse Designing a Capsule Collection for PPQ


Remember when Amy Winehouse was Karl Lagerfeld's muse, and then Roberto Cavalli went crazy for her, and Jonathan Kelsey designed a shoe for her, and journalists were all, "But she's not healthy! Why is fashion glorifying her?" Well she's back! Grazia reports that WiHo is designing a capsule collection for London label PPQ, the very same label Peaches Geldof, uh, designed a capsule collection for. PPQ designer Amy Molyneaux told Grazia:

‘The range will be all about high end statement pieces, inspired by Amy's style. For example maybe an amazing piece of jewellery like a bracelet or a dress. It's going to be distributed online, we are going to be providing all materials and doing the design, but Amy will definitely be involved in the creative process. It will be very different to Peaches' line for PPQ as that was more of a diffusion line — this will be an homage to Amy's look.'

So, as with all celebrity lines, Winehouse isn't technically designing this one, but it's good of Molyneaux to be up-front about that. Winehouse has been staying on St. Lucia recording her third album. She has been hospitalized three times down there owing to things like "chest pains" and "dehydration." Hmmm. Let's revisit what Lisa Armstrong wrote a little over a year ago in regards to Winehouse:

Somehow the fashion industry has got it into its head that what's really missing from every stylish woman's life is an accessory that will make her look like someone whose next must-have is an intravenous drip.

Yes. An amazing piece of jewelry like a bracelet. Duh.

Amy Winehouse doing fashion line for PPQ [Grazia]
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