50 Cent Unveils His New Fragrance, ‘Power’

Is that coriander he's smelling?

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's new fragrance, Power by Fifty Cent, doesn't hit Macy's stores until November, but last night we got a preview whiff when the rapper turned beauty mogul unveiled the scent at a private event. The cologne is "a representation of a larger portion of my lifestyle," Fifty explained, adding that the scent's notes of lemon leaves, black pepper, and dark wood were his favorites, though he threw some coriander in there too, for kicks. "I sound like an expert, don't I?" Well, no, but at least that's four more ingredients than he knew last year! So who is his target audience? "Everyone human," he told us. Could he be more specific? Wannabe rappers? Moguls-in-training? Suburban mall rats? "Breathing," he clarified — as in people who breathe? And then we had our own powerful moment with Fifty: He grabbed our arms and rubbed them three times to (a) rub some Power off on us or (b) move us subtly in the opposite direction, diverting us away from his path. Either way, it was a power play. Considering he shoved us to the side with little more than an arm stroke, we're guessing his motives were rooted in option B. But when his arms left ours and we watched him dart away, we couldn't help but think he didn't smell half bad.