Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Not-So-Subtle Sandbagging of Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Dell'Acqua: Spurning own name.

In an apparent break with his own brand, Alessandro Dell'Acqua has issued a letter to the press distancing himself from the label's upcoming collection and absolutely torching any bridges left behind him. In the release, reprinted in toto by Fashion Week Daily, Dell'Acqua says, "The brand which carries my name has always been consistent with my style but in this case, despite of their formal assurance, Cherry Grove, the company who produces and distributes the Alessandro Dell'Acqua women's and men's collections, decided to move forward without having me, the designer, check on the quality of the product." Translation: "I've been de-pantsed by my own backers — if you love me, don't buy my clothes." At this time of recession, designers conflicting with investors over ambition and sales is nothing new. But this tart, indirect open letter is a tough look into the somewhat sad plight of a brand founder who has lost control of his own name. Dell'Acqua continues, "Because of this imposed inability to guarantee the quality of the final product, and in order to protect the other licensees of the brand, I have to detach myself from these two collections that have not been approved by me and that I don't acknowledge as realization of my creations." Translation: "See you bastards in hell."

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