Alexander McQueen Presents Spring 2010 Menswear in Creepy Film


At the end of April, Alexander McQueen revealed that he planned to show his men's collection in a "very special" format that would not be a runway show. A titillating pronouncement from the man who made Derelicte real. That very special format turned out to be a film directed by photographer David Sims. Dazed Digital explains, "the film represents a journey as artistic ideas metamorphose into their physical manifestations, and as the artist himself submits to the painstaking process of invention." That can only mean it consists of a pale, crouching dude clad only in tightie-whities drawing fitfully on his own arm with a marker, running down a dimly lit hallway, and making a house out of small sticks. It's wonderfully angsty, but we have other media — like Gossip Girl — for that. The film is definitely worth a watch, but we miss McQueen's runway magic.

Alexander McQueen and David Sims [Dazed Digital]