André Leon Talley: Anna Wintour Loved Her 60 Minutes Profile

How was he not sweating bullets?

Anna Wintour must not have minded that Morley Safer likened Karl Lagerfeld to Count Dracula in his 60 Minutes profile of her. Anna's guy Friday, André Leon Talley, tells Mediabistro she loved it.

André reports Anna was "thrilled" with the piece. "It's 60 Minutes — she was on the same show as Secretary Gates. It was fabulous," proclaimed Andre.

But then again, what wouldn't Anna have liked? Though he told her to her face that people call her a "bitch," Morley said arguably worse things about designers than Anna. Aside from the remarks about Karl, he said John Galliano needs a new tailor. André admitted that Safer's remarks were "a bit dismissive." But the editor might consider himself lucky for escaping Safer's scathing judgments. What would Morley have said of the mauve crocodile coat and purple velvet slippers André wore to the Diane Von Furstenberg resort show yesterday?

Lunch: André Leon Talley Stops By -- and Hugh Jackman is Coming Tonight! [Fishbowl NY/Mediabistro]
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