Best Bet: Frizz Free


This weather has gotten to us, and our hair. We've oiled, sprayed, puttied, and even gelled our tresses in hopes of taming the frizz. All to no avail. In low spirits, we walked past the always-fragrant Lush store, and on a whim bought the Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze treatment. Skeptical at the saleswoman's claims that this would cure our puffball hair, we trudged home and piled a dollop on our locks. (Note: Use a lot less than the jar says.) After letting it sit for twenty minutes and shampooing (twice), our hair is silky smooth, not greasy, and smells amazing. And it's shockingly knot free. Humidity, do your worst.

$20.45 at Lush stores or online.