Best Bet: Inner Beauty


Step into Henri Bendel and you'll notice a wall of brightly colored boxes, bottles, and a mini-fridge with vials of punch-colored drinks right off the main entrance. It's not the latest launch of an indie makeup or perfume brand, but a line of cute yet potent supplements called Functionalab. Great packaging aside, president and founder Erick Geoffrion teamed up with top scientists and nutritionists to create a "made-to-measure" program to tackle everything from fatigue to hormonal imbalances to skin problems. Instead of blindly walking in and picking out what you think you need, find two nutritionists on hand with a computerized questionnaire to review overall lifestyle, health concerns, and goals. Based on the consultation, a customized monthlong program is given ($120 to $200), health tonics are suggested (the Energy drink is quite tasty and definitely gives you some pep, $6), or a simple bottle of supplements called Beauty Doses is recommended ($45 to $55). This beats a trip to your local vitamin shop staffed with uninformed college kids any day.

Prices vary, at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave., nr. 56th St.; 212-247-1100.