Best Bet: Mirror Mirror


On any typical night out, you need a compact mirror to spot-check your makeup, even in dark bars. These adorable Actress Mirrors from Train Corporation allow you to see every little pore, mascara flake, and misplaced hair with the benefit of full light. They debuted in Japan in March 2008 and arrived Stateside this spring. Flip open the compact and there's a double-sided mirror complete with eight little lights that can be turned on and off with the click of a button. Five new styles are introduced every month, ranging from geometric prints to skulls and crossbones, but the cute Love in Black lets us tap into our inner girlie-girl.

$30 to $40 at Paul Smith, 108 Fifth Ave., at 16th St.; 212-627-9770; Patricia Field, 302 Bowery, nr. First St.; 212-966-4066.