Beyoncé’s BET Performance Inspired by John Galliano’s Fall Show?


More of our thoughts on the fashion from last night's BET Awards later, but first we would like to draw your attention to Beyoncé's operatic performance of "Ave Maria" and Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." (Admit it, you're nostalgic for Lilith Fair, too.) Beyoncé began wearing a sparkly white bodysuit and sheer robe with a tiara and veil. Then dancers frolicked in, took her robe, and fastened what we can only describe as a a fur-trimmed tutu mated with a clamshell around her waist. Voluminous hips. Hmmm. Then turquoise laser lights began spiraling in the background, creating a tunnel of light around her, and glitter started falling from the ceiling. It was not unlike John Galliano's fall 2009 show, inspired by Ukrainian ice-princess brides. Remember his lighting? The fake snow that gave front-row attendees coughing fits? Beyoncé's performance was perhaps a less-refined, lingerie-ice-princess version of that. [YouTube, Telegraph UK]