Brad Pitt Skips the Shower for Baby Wipes; Face-lift Marketing Has Its Dangers

Brad Pitt.

• Brad Pitt uses baby wipes under his arms when he doesn't have time for a shower. How many puns can you make that say Pitt is the pits? [NYDN]

• The Spanish cosmetics company Lipotec says it discovered a new peptide that accelerates tanning so your bronze can last for two weeks after your last sun exposure. We want it. [Cosmetics Business]

• As face-lifts get more marketed, people choose procedures they may not need. [NYT]

• Penn Badgley could stand to do some manscaping on his face. The actor grew a scruffy beard, and it falls short of being sexy. [Off the Rack/People]

• French actor Alain Delon stars in the latest ad for Dior's Eau Savage men's fragrance. The photo used is from 1966, when Delon was 31, commemorating the year the scent launched. [Now Smell This]