Brüno Insults Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, and More


In a genius move, British Marie Claire put Brüno on the July cover, along with new mom (who looks amazing, might we add) and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio. For the issue, Brüno, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, penned an "A–Z List of Fashion," in which he offends as many people as he can.

H is for "High-vaisted Jeans", the fashionista said, explaining: "In terms of human tragedy on a mass scale, vy are zese not getting the attention zat Hurricane Katrina did?"

S is for "September 11th, 2001: Famous, of course, for being ze day on vich Oscar de la Renta reintroduced ze chambray peasant blouse."

So Sacha's still into controversy.

A "little black child" is "zis seasons's vardrobe essential", Brüno wrote in reference to Madonna's attempt to adopt a second Malawian baby, while Wintour is likened to a "pre-op trannie". Of Campbell, he said: "She's amazing — twenty years in ze business und all ze pressure und fame hasn't changed her a bit — she's remained a total bitch."

No one in fashion is brave enough to say things like this, lest the powers that rule the industry rain a fiery wrath upon them, or refuse to speak to them ever again. Good on Marie Claire for being ballsy enough to run this stuff, disclaimer or not. Then again, maybe Brüno will be the catalyst that causes the industry to step back and laugh at itself. For once.

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