Calvin Klein’s Hot Three-Way Action Makes Soho Blush

No, Mom, they're playing Twister.

Just as the iconic DKNY wall at Houston and Broadway disappeared under a coat of paint, a new Calvin Klein ad — and a new tempest in a teapot — spread its sexy, sexy wings across the street on the brand's usual billboard spot on the corner of Lafayette. One can normally spot a PTA protest waiting to happen in the CK space (stuffed men's underwear, writhing bodies, etc.), but, as the Daily News reports, the implied hot three-way action currently depicted is too much for the baby-toting Puritans who frequent the thoroughfare. "It's borderline pornographic," says Lisa Marchese, a marketing specialist. "And to portray them in a threesome — it's just taking it too far." Obviously, someone missed the "Sex Sells" lecture in Marketing 101. In any case, this is not the first round of shock and awe directed at the Steven Meisel–shot campaign (the ad has already been banned on television), and remember, Calvin Klein was the American Apparel of the nineties (ad-wise). But even we must admit, we'd hate to have to explain this one to our mom. Oh, and Daily News, there's no such thing as a "foursome" — anything over three and it's called an "orgy."

Calvin Klein 'Threesome' Billboard in SoHo Too Sexy, Say Some