Cameron Diaz Loves Classic Red Lips; Cellulite May Have No Cure

Cameron Diaz.

• Even though skin-care companies offer anti-cellulite products, new research shows they don't actually work. [NYT]

• Cameron Diaz's summer color is red. She's doing the event rounds wearing the hue on her lips. [Beauty Counter/]

• Lana Horochowski, the makeup artist behind the show Mad Men, finds modern makeup too shimmery. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

• Totally random nail-polish fan: Joey McIntyre of the New Kids on the Block. He painted four of his five fingernails black, and the ring finger blue. Are we looking at the new Pete Wentz? [All Lacquered Up]

• Which hairstyle did you like better on Sarah Jessica Parker: straight and long, short and wavy, or something in between? [Makeup and Beauty Blog]