Christian Lacroix Is Ready for a Fight


Christian Lacroix hasn't been paid in a year and a half. He's owed something like 1.2 million euros. And though his label has gone into bankruptcy (in debt 10 million euros), he's determined to put on a couture show.

"I'm fighting. Don't tell anyone, because I'm not allowed to do this, but we absolutely are going to have a show in mid-July, during Fashion Week — and it won't be a funeral: it'll be a fightback."

That's right, Lacroix is pissed and he's not going to take it anymore! The couturier is finding a way to show without it costing his parent company — Falic Group — a dime, apparently thanks to other people's kindness and suppliers working for free. (Did he take that big check from a couture client after all, then?) But beyond this leaner, meaner Lacroix — we admit, we like him this way — there's so much more we learn about the designer.

He loved the Ab Fab references.

"It was the best introduction I could have had in England," he says, "where you guys all think French designers are brainless frogs."

He fully supports Alexandra Shulman's battle against too-small clothes.

"Very skinny women don't look beautiful in clothes. What I cannot stomach, because it evokes the war to me, is when you can see a woman's kneecap protruding in its entirety, skinny elbows, or a woman's chest bones."

And onto his personal life: He is married.

"I've always been bisexual," he volunteers. "But I could never live with a man — too similar ... And my wife, whom I married in 1974, still fascinates me, still touches me, still makes me want to weep with joy in the mornings."

All of this just makes us hope he pulls off that couture show.

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