Delicatessen to Become Giant Model Lounge


Vans Girls doesn't want models to rough it this summer. Who does, really? So starting tomorrow, you may see a lot of willowy, leggy ladies going in and out of Delicatessen in Soho during the daytime. Through September 20 — or for the rest of the summer — models from "invited Top 10 Agencies" will get special "All Access Privilege Cards" to hang out in the model lounges. Vans is setting up in two of these in the restaurant's private-party spaces, so models can hang out between castings, mingle, change clothes, get their nails done, receive "surprise gifts," get massages, and eat food. And you thought they'd have to run around all summer getting sweaty, with chipped nail polish, alone, and worst of all, hungry. By the way, Vans, feel free to send us "surprise gifts" for the name-drop. That is, if you can find space in your hearts for bloggers who aren't six feet tall and 115 pounds.