Does Jesus Luz Ruin the Fall 2009 Dolce & Gabbana Campaign?


Behold the stupendously cast fall 2009 Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Models include Jesus Luz, David Gandy, Noah Mills, Adam Senn, Julienne Quevenne, and Eva Herzigova. Steven Klein shot the ads at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, where Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson used to train. Noah, Adam, Eva, and David are pros. But this is Jesus's first major campaign (he's on the right in the foreground), and the fashion community's mixed response to him continues. A commenter on the Fashion Spot writes, "Jesus ruins that shot for me." And another, "I'm [sic] I the only who thinks that Jesus looks photoshopped in there??? Its a very odd and terrible ad ... ." And a third, "Jesus..what an eyesore." And yet a fourth, "Jesus doesn't stand out..ew." Perhaps they miss the point of Jesus. Sure, his eyes are a little empty, it's unclear what the hell is going on with his hair, and there is a distracting, abrupt difference in color between his neck and the rest of his body. But it's Jesus! And he's "friends" with Madonna! And sometimes that's enough. Besides, his body does lend itself to short shorts and open robes.

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