Elisabeth Hasselbeck Now Shilling Football Maternity Clothes


Reebok is launching a line of football-themed maternity wear. NFL apparel for women is the company's fastest-growing business. It seems more than 40 percent of people who watch NFL games are women. What? And according to Reebok, they're clamoring for football-themed apparel. We are not among this demographic, and rest assured we could never in good conscience make this stuff up. Reebok feels like it's been doing a pretty good job of attiring women in these "football" clothes. However they just realized they've been failing the pregnant ones. Pregnant ladies reportedly buy oversize men's football shirts that fit over their bellies, but these aren't figure-flattering. Troubling on so many levels. So Reebok just started making tight maternity football tees with (shudder) team logos and "fun" sayings like "Kicker" and "#1 Draft Pick." And Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who's expecting her third child in August and is married to a former NFL "quarterback," models them in the campaign. She claims women are "truly the most intense of the fans." Yet further evidence that she resides on another planet. In our world, "#1 Draft Pick" will forever go by one name, and one name only: Guinness.

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