Emanuel Ungaro Wants Lindsay Lohan to Be a Creative Consultant?


Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks to assume the role of creative consultant for Emanuel Ungaro. The rumor sounds too bad to be true, but "Page Six" reports that Ungaro designer Esteban Cortazar is threatening to leave with his team if Lindsay signs on. Ungaro and Cortazar haven't commented on these reports. So.

Now maybe this chatter isn't so far-fetched — perhaps Ungaro is actually interested in having Lindsay work behind the scenes at the label as a creative force. Lindsay is a fashionista in her own right, after all. Her style has evolved from the innocent baby dolls of her Freaky Friday days (memories!) to brushes with pantslessness to her current taste for minuscule party frocks and billowing, sail-like plaid things. Yet she is also a creator, one who has introduced to the world the joys of $132 padded leggings and $35 self-tanning mist by the name of misspelled numbers Sevin Nyne. And let's not forget the spectacular choreography she executed in her commercial for Italian lifestyle brand Fornarina, for which she is spokeswoman. So yeah, maybe the film industry doesn't take her seriously. We can't imagine what fashion's problem is.