Esquire Struggles to Find Something Interesting to Say About Bar Refaeli


Bar Refaeli poses nude on the cover of Esquire, with a passage from a short story by Stephen King painted on her (not unlike the style of the painted-on pants Lady Gaga wears in the latest Rolling Stone, which also have words on them). Esquire includes a piece about Bar, from which we learned:

1. She smokes.
2. She has breasts.
3. She sums up her ambitions thusly: "Heidi Klum. I really like what she's doing. It's what I picture myself as."
4. She reads books in Hebrew.
5. She has breasts.

She's only Israeli and the new host of House of Style and the face of a few brands and maybe dating Leonardo DiCaprio, but that doesn't matter, since she's chesty. If you desire a more detailed account of her breasts, which receive six mentions in the story, you may click below.

Bar Refaeli: A Country Girl Gets Inked [Esquire]